Olufemi Akinsola (Nigeria) – Successful summit attempt on 2 March 2018


Dear Nikki,

This is to thank you and the entire operations team in Arusha led by Manasseh and Charity for the successful Kilimanjaro climb experience. The arrangements and handshakes were flawless. Fola, Shehu and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Immense gratitude to Nelson, Alex and their entire team as well. They were a wonderful team who provided more than sufficient  and ‘pole pole’ support to make the trip a success. We owe the success of the climb to this wonderful team!

I will also like to thank everyone for the support to evacuate Fola from the mountain when fatigue, injury and altitude sickness set in on day 3.  The rally round and subsequent care from everyone was fantastic.

In all a fantastic experience for us, delivered flawlessly by a fantastic team!

Asante sana!!!

Olufemi Akinsola