Debbie le Roux (South Africa) – Successful summit on 6 January 2019 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route

Hi Nikki

I should have already sent you a thank you for an amazing trip, so my apologies.

For me personally it was a trip of a life time, and another tick on my bucket list. My husband and daughter also had a fabulous time, and for us as a family a time of bonding and making memories.

I think we were truly fortunate to have the team we did. John Matiko our head guide ran a tight ship, he was very professional and explained everything clearly as to what to expect the following day, and what was expected from us as to when to be ready etc He answered all questions and dealt with everything in a calm manner, we were very aware that he noticed everything and offered assistance when he saw it needed.

The team were very efficient, we couldn’t believe how they could pack up camp after we left, and still have everything ready for us including a hot meal when we arrived at the next camp. The food was tasty and sufficient, John explained the need to eat even when we weren’t hungry. They even sent porters back every day to meet us on the way, if any of us needed help with our day packs.

Whilst our summit day to base camp, night and following day walking down to spend our last night at a lower altitude was truly the most exhausting of all the days, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the guides. They are truly to be commended, as I believe the success of the reaching the summit is largely due to their professionalism.

When we returned home a friend gave me a book to read, written by an American diplomat who did the trip in 2010, after completing it I said to my husband that I’m glad we chose Climbing Kilimanjaro as a tour company, as it seemed everything that could have gone wrong went wrong on this man’s journey.

Having said that, I believe who you chose to accompany you on a trip like this is just as important. We were all positive and kept each other positive and laughing when we were exhausted or cold.

I’ve already sent your details onto friends and people who’ve showed an interest. Not having experienced any of the other routes I can’t say what would have happened if we’d chosen one of them, however after researching your website and deciding that I wanted the best possible advantage to summit, the 8 day Lemoshe route seemed to be the one, and was confirmed when all 5 of us managed to summit. I did experience the effects of altitude for the first time on the summit night, I’m not sure if it was a combination of exhaustion and tiredness, but fortunately it was mainly nausea and vomiting with no headache.

The porta loo is a must for anyone able to afford it, I felt extremely grateful that we’d included it. The public ablutions are appalling and it’s no wonder people suffer with gastro on the mountain.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Debbie le Roux