Dean Gilbert (Australian) – Successful summit 08 June 2019 Superior package – 7 day Machame route

The four of us, who had never met each other before, commenced a 7-day Machame Route hike on 03 Jun 19.

Preparation for the trip was simple and a considerable amount of advice was provided from the team at Transfers were easily arranged and on time upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

We met the team including the guides and porters at Sal Salinero hotel and were provided an extensive and informative briefing from Charity who also answered all our questions. The team also ensured that we had everything that we needed prior to commencing our trip.

The entire week was a huge success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team led by Nelson. We cannot speak highly enough of Nelson as he was always there to assist us in any way possible and worked hard throughout the week ensuring the welfare of both us and his team.

Ales (one of the two assistant guides) led our way through the majority of the route and kept us on track to meet our checkpoints. Gilbert (the other assistant guide) worked extremely hard throughout the week as both a guide a porter and our assistant at camp. Gilbert is extremely motivated and experienced, has a great sense of humour and is your go-to for anything you need.

The food was prepared by the mountains best cook. Dowson (unsure if spelling is correct) was significantly better than expected, Dowson produces all the necessary food in 3 excellent meals per day to get you from point A to B. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for having quality food throughout the entire trip.

The 7-day Machame route was incredible and provided the opportunity to see many amazing sights on the mountain including Lava Tower, the Barranco Wall and Shira caves. It also provided plenty of time for acclimatization and socializing amongst other climbers.

We were all confident going into summit morning and this was a testament to the team including Nelson who prepared us and instilled a lot of confidence in us and our summit team. The summit was an incredibly difficult personal challenge for us all in many different ways but we took it “Pole-Pole” and made it in great time. We actually found ourselves overtaking other teams who were being rushed bu their guides and needing longer rest times and from a 12:30 start we arrives at Stella Point at 05:45 in great time.

Overall the entire experience was incredible the team at was brilliant. I would recommend Nelson, Alex, Gilbert and their team to anyone. Asante! Umefanya Vizuri!