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11 people from 7 different countries conquered Kilimanjaro on New Year ‘s Day 01/01/2014 to become “The Dream Team”. Great video covering their 7 day Machame Route climb with ClimbingKlimanjaro.com. Experience their trek, emotions and success, as well as the service provided by Climbing Kilimanjaro. With this group Climbing Kilimanjaro.com reach a proud record of 13, 910 successful summit attempts by our clients, since 1994!

Exceptional kilimanjaro climb success rate and experienced staff

Climbing Kilimanjaro has over 20 years of experience in leading hikers and climbers to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Our experienced guides have a proud summit success rate averaging between 96% – 98% and have safely guided over 14 000 clients to the top of the mountain. Our professional tour consultants have all made successful summit attempts and are therefore in a position to provide you with advice and in depth knowledge of the mountain. Essential advice on how to climb Kilimanjaro, how difficult / hard is a Kilimanjaro climb and how long does it take for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb, is all covered in detail on this website. We provide unique and tailor-made climb kilimanjaro itineraries to suite your individual requirements and preferences, including all your hotel bookings, meet and assist at the airport, airport transfers to and from your hotel, as well as many exciting travel extensions to the surrounding game parks and the magical island of Zanzibar.


Unbeatable climb kilimanjaro track record

  • We have been a leading Kilimanjaro tour operator since 1994, with a proud and unbeatable track record of over 14 000 successful and safe summit attempts.
  • Our vast experience puts us in a unique position to offer you the most professional support, guidance, information and motivation to realise this once in a lifetime dream.
  • We can provide you with unlimited references from previous successful and satisfied clients – on request.


Our tour consultants

  • Most of our sales staff have successfully summited Kilimanjaro themselves and are in a position to provide you with first hand expert advice.
  • We will arrange everything for you: Flights (ex South Africa only), bookings, park fees, transfers, accommodation, guides, porters, food and equipment, leaving you free to enjoy the climb.
  • After booking with us, we will provide a fast and efficient after-sales service, answering any questions you might have or providing any additional information and advice you may require.
  • We will provide you with all the information required, in order for you to choose the most suitable and most spectacular route for your trek.


Our climb kilimanjaro website

  • We have one of the most comprehensive climbing Kilimanjaro guides on the Internet, available 24 hours a day to answer most of your questions at www.ClimbingKilimanjaro.com.

Real-Time Tracking Service (Superior Package hikes only)

  • ClimbingKilimanjaro.com now offers the only real-time Live Tracking to hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro. This unique service will allow family and friends to track the progress their loved ones – live – as they hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro. (subject to availability, advance booking and a supplementary cost)


Power point presentations (free of charge)

    • On request, we will e-mail you an exciting and informative 4 MB Power Point presentation on either the Machame or Lemosho routes.



Complete and comprehensive kilimanjaro climb information package

  • With your booking confirmation, you will receive a very important Kilimanjaro Information pack which contains the following information:
    • Altitude sickness guide: As part of our total commitment to safe climbing practices, we provide all our clients with an unique guide on the prevention and management of altitude sickness on the mountain.
    • Comprehensive gear list: Document explaining the reasons why we recommend certain gear, as well as helpful buying guidelines.
    • Fitness program: To increase your chances of a successful summit attempt, we have developed a tailor made fitness program.
    • Also included is: Route map, essential information for your climb, tips for success, nutrition on the hike as well as general travel and language tips.
    • Our Kilimanjaro Information pack was designed to promote success and safety, and is a result of our dedication, experience, and a commitment to excellence.


Our guides and porters

  • We utilise highly trained and registered guides with years of experience, who will lead a team of support staff properly equipped, to look after you on the mountain.
  • On all our package options, every hiker is supported by at least one porter to carry their duffel bag (max 15kg) from one camp to the next.
  • The above average ratio of our support staff to climber is: 2 Porters per climber and 2 guides per a maximum of 4 climbers – a very favourable ratio we put in place to directly enhance your safety and enjoyment on the mountain.


Safety on the mountain

  • We supply emergency portable Oxygen (for emergency use only) with all our hikes.
  • We supply an important medic first aid kit (for emergency use only), to all our groups for both the Standard and Superior Packages on every hike.
  • All chief guides on all our packages, carry a pulse Oxi-meter (a small device that clips onto your finger measuring oxygen levels in your blood, a hiker that is not acclimatized well, will normally show lower oxygen reading).
  • All our packages include the Kilimanjaro Rescue Team (managed by KINAPA) fees.
  • We can offer you extended itineraries for the highly recommended extra acclimatization on the mountain – it is even possible to extend the duration of your hike, during your hike, while on the mountain (subject to additional costs and availability).


Kilimanjaro climb packages to suit your budget


Flexible starting dates

  • Our hike starting dates are totally flexible as per your requirements, even for individuals – we can schedule the start of your hike on any day of the year!
  • For unforeseen circumstances and on request, we are flexible regarding the change of your hiking dates (subject to availability, reasonable notice given and route chosen).


Private kilimanjaro climbs hikes

  • Option to have a private hike on request, at no additional cost – applicable only to our Superior Package.


Unique cancellation policy

  • We have a unique cancellation policy: If you are forced to cancel your hike, due to work or medical related reasons, and notice is given within a reasonable time, we will grant you a 10 month period (from the date of cancellation) to reschedule your hike (you could be liable for any possible cancellation cost and / or price increases).


Climb Kilimanjaro equipment purchases and rental

  • Quality mountain equipment available for hiring – including sleeping bags, hiking poles, jackets, gaiters etc.


Safari and Zanzibar add-ons

  • Extend your Kilimanjaro tour with a fantastic wildlife safari to some of the iconic National Parks in Tanzania – like the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. Please contact us for more info in this regard, or visit our website www.TanzaniaWildlifeSafaris.com
  • You may also consider a lazy beach recuperation on the magical island of Zanzibar.


I have nothing but positive comments to make about the entire arrangement. Our connections and transfers went smoothly from beginning to end and our mountain crew were very professional and a pleasure to tour with. I’m proud to say both my 17-year-old son, Sean, and I made it to the top of Kilimanjaro!
Matthew Metcalfe


It was a perfect organised trip. The accommodation in Moshi was very nice. The service on the hike was nearly too much but well appreciated. Compared to all the others we were by far the best looked after.
Jochen Dannenhuaer


It was a wonderful experience all around. We had a great time with Kimolo, Evans, and Joyce as our cook. Our porters were also so friendly and happy guys. Looking back, I have no complaints. We were treated phenomenally… way better than I could have imagined.
Anna Urish


Our trip was incredible! Everything went just as planned, we had a wonderful, knowledgable guide and excellent support team. It was an adventure none of us will ever forget. I will be recommending your services to others who express interest in climbing.
Andrew Rotundo


We had an awesome experience. You have an excellent team in Tanzania who looked after us from the word go and at the end your realise that without a team that is truly experienced and well equipped you will have very little chance of success. Harold and Alan looked after our needs at every step of our journey always wanting to know whether there is something more the team can do.
Shaun Maidment


Sitting at the airport with huge smiles on our faces and proud, happy hearts following our successful summit at Uhuru peak early yesterday morning. We would like to congratulate you on your excellent, professional, amazing team guiding and supporting our every step, however small, all the way to the top. The Dream Team, lead by Safiel Abdul and Roger left us dumbstruck and in awe on many an occasion. Between Samuel Matola (waiter) Pengu (chef), Taribo (porter), Dominique (porter), Peter, Willifred and one more porter with ‘hot water for washing’, amazing soups and warm drinks and dishes, ginger tea on the way up to the summit, very professional and informative briefings and debriefs every day and continues information about the environment, mountains, health and daily jokes and laughs ensured an absolutely unforgettably amazing trip.
Anneke Furstenburg


I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and Jako for a great experience and the professional service provided by your company both in SA and Tanzania. Everything was taken care of efficiently in Moshi and our team for the ascent was superb. In this regard I would like to make particular mention of our guide Harold who was a consummate professional throughout, ensuring that we always had what we needed and communicating well, allaying any concerns we may have had and ensuring that we were well prepared for achieving the summit. He has built an excellent team who were always efficient, willing and happy and I cannot compliment them enough, he and they are an asset to your organization.
Gavin Syndercombe


The trip was absolutely amazing. The staff was very courteous and well trained. The food was great and I couldn’t have asked for more. We reached the top of uhuru peak and had a blast. To be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt very well taken care of. Thank you once again.
Julie Brown


We are very satisfied with our Kilimanjaro and safari experience. Among all the good things I can mention our guides who was fantastic on both kili and safari and the food which was excellent. Everything went smooth with no problems…
Peter Selmer Ronningen


Overall, the trip was very good. The guides in Kilimanjaro were very professional, helpful and went out of their way to make us feel safe and comfortable at all times. It was an added plus that we all got along well. I feel that they were key to making the Kilimanjaro trip a success and they succeeded with flying colors…
Rasha Kashkoush


The trip was great – Kilimanjaro was a really wonderful experience. It was very difficult but overall it was great…the guides were also super helpful and worked with us very well. The food was fantastic and so was the planning of it all – it went very well…
Joanne Kubba


We had a really good time on the hike. The guide, Yusto, was excellent. He and his staff, Nixon, Safi, and Dickson did a great job. The day hikes were well planned and the crew did a great job on the meals. The meals were first rate and the service by Bima in the dining tent, and Dickson in the kitchen, was really great! Every thing went well.
Stan Treski


Fantastic trip! Great guide and porters, excellent food and accommodation.
Nick Tollefsen


Mt. Kili, boy was it wonderful! I can’t explain how well the tour went! First our team up was amazing …boy those porters are wonderful! The hard work they do is crazy! Leave after we have started our walk and get their, set-up prior to us even near the campsite. It’s unbelievable to see. The route that we took was brilliant; so much to see and view it was truly wonderful.
Lisa Fara


Everything went very well. The hotels were great, the guides/porters on Kilimanjaro were amazing and really everyone I came in contact with made the trip amazing.
Eric Distad


The trip was a great experience everything was absolutely fantastic.
Connor Burleigh


We had a fab time at Kili…. but never again…The food was fantastic and more than enough…. actually tooooo much…The guides were great and will recommend you any time! Thank you for a great time! My 30th Birthday will never be forgotten!
Pauli Smith


I had an incredible time and enjoyed just about every minute of my time in Tanzania.
Wilmer Gaviria


Thank you for organising my trip to Kilimanjaro; it was wonderful trip and very pleasant experience indeed! I enjoyed the trip, and I think all was organized very well. We had very good guide and the team. They really supported us and did everything so that we could do the summit.
Elena Ivanova


We had a great trip and made it to the top without any problems.
Joseph Ayers


Our Kilimanjaro trip was great! We were able to make it to the summit without any problems; the food was great, and overall it was a fantastic experience.
Sally Sharkey


The trip was utterly stunning, thanks. One of the best things about it were my guides on both the mountain and on Safari. I was very sick on the mountain and my guide was really good at getting me down the top section and then organised a stretcher for the rest of the way. I don’t think, however, that being ill reflected at all on the team. Also on the mountain the guide knew a lot about not just the route but also the various plants we passed along the way and was very friendly (as were all the porters and the cook). The food on the mountain was also great.
Matthew Thorne


The trip was great thank you, both katie and I found it tough but enjoyable. Everything went smoothly and we made to the top!
Bertie Ahern


We have just returned from Tanzania and had a most amazing time. All was very professional and the guide and mountain support was excellent.
Randi Marback


Overall, we were all very happy with the guides and porters for doing a great job professionally as well as for having great attitudes and making our Kili experience so memorable.
Brian Siy


The climb up Kilimanjaro was excellent. It was very well organised and the food was fantastic. Much better than we ever expected. the guides, porters and cooks were fantastic – everything was very well executed and the guides gave us the confidence to reach the summit. |It was a fantastic experience that we will never forget and have no regrets whatsoever booking with your company. It was also excellent value for money.
Gary Dovydaitis


I wanted to drop you a note to say what a fantastic trip we had using Climbing Kilimanjaro… it truly was the trip of lifetime and your company did a fantastic job. I loved every minute of it.
Patty Jircik


We had a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. Thank you for making it possible in such sort notice. The greeting lady at the airport was cool, I thing the hotel was decent, safe and priced OK. On the mountain, everybody tried to take good care of us, but this guy Simeon (assistant guide),really pamper us, he exceeded all our expectation. Food on the mountain was plenty…
Robin Costin


The trip was really fantastic. I was surprised how it was well-organized. Every part of the trip, was different (Safari, Kili, Zanzibar) and every stage of our trip was perfectly prepared. All members of the trip reached the summit. There were nothing wrong with services, payments and other thing. Thank you one more time!
Przemek Mazur


We both enjoined the climb and safari experience. The climb was tough but very good experience. I have been in mountains before and I am used to live in modest conditions. So for me all the dining tent and cooked food was even a bit luxury for mountain climbing experience. Regarding guide, cook and porters everithing was good and I can’t think of anything that needs improvement. Everything was well organized and was even a bit more than expected.
Meelis Luiks


I believe the trip was the best trip I have ever had. Everything was wonderful. Both the trek and safari personnel were great and took very good care of us.
Jimmy Jircik


Jane and I just got back from Africa on the 12th of March and we had a wonderful time. I do want you to know how much we enjoyed our hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro and it was great doing business with you.
Barbara Stead


The climbing was very nice as I expected and we were able to do everything as planned although it was pretty much walking (I didn’t expect anything else ;-). The route we’ve chosen was nice. The crew was friendly. Food was good and adequate.
Remo Frattini


The trip was great. Our mountain guides were knowledgeable and considerate.
Marissa Brittenham


The hike in the national park was very good. The porters and guide were very organised. Even though I did not make it to the summit; had to turn back just below Stella point due to altitude sickness, it was an experience long to remember.
Franky Declercq


Thank you for the good organization, the moments in the Mountain were amazing… From all of us.
Nikolay Bonev


On behalf of my group – thank you very much for everything. We have no complaints about our entire trip. Even better we all made it to the summit! Everything was taken care of and set up very professionally.
Christopher Leuer


We had an excellent trip – (will send you on a picture once we have them all sorted!!)
Gearoid Cleary


It was an amazing trip & Kilimanjaro was spectacular – I didn’t really appreciate how big 6000 meters is until I had to walk up it…..I got the altitude sickness and struggled up to the top (well Stellar Point)…..I thought the guides and all the crew were excellent. The food, the camps and equipment were fine, to some extend felt a little spoiled not having to worry about anything.
Tony Bourke


Tanzania was incredible! I’d love to go back one day. Kilimanjaro was an amazing experience. The mountain experience was tremendous. The porters were the real story of the mountain; what they do is mesmerizing. The guides were also good and pretty laid back. The service, food, and friendliness of the porters and camp staff were impressive considering how high we were. Anyone that complains needs a reality check.
Alex Sykes


It was a great trip and we had a great time. The guide we had “Jeffery” was fantastic and he had selected a great guiding group, which had a lot to do with the enjoyment value. In reflecting on the great things – the food was very good and the group appeared very organised and had tents always prepared.
The final climb was also handled very well I thought – with three separate guides to suit the different paces – very helpful. I cannot think of anything that did not go to plan or even to suggest that was not great.
Michelle Molan


It was amazing, the guides the porters the food the experience, it was absolutely great.
Ali Khalili


Everything was great! I honestly do not have any complaints.
Ron Woodard


Yes. It was surely once in a lifetime experience and the toughest trip I have ever made as well. I really appreciate your advanced info about the summit attack. I believe I could make it because I remember from your info that although you may feel exhausted when you reach the Gilman’s point you can make it to the summit if you simply make a decision to continue. I realized this is true.
Toshiyuki Omoto


Thank you for the good organization, the moments in the Mountain were amazing… From all of us.
Nikolay Bonev


Both Kelly and I had such an amazing experience! It was by far one of the best things we have ever had the chance to do! Not only was the climbing itself an awesome experience. But we could not get over how fantastic our guide Robert was and our porters Jerry and Jomo who carried our daypacks, as well as the rest of the team. Pretty much everything completely exceeded our expectations. The food was always great. Our tents and bedding were always set up ready for us. The level of expertise and respect regarding the mountain always made us feel safe and comfortable. We were also very pleasantly surprised by the level of English, which was spoken. Never did we have any problems communicating with Robert, Jerry or Jomo. We even managed to learn a few local words.
Joy Weissenfeld


I just wanted to thank you for arranging our climb, we had a wonderful time and the accommodations were great.
Dustin Wunderlich


We had a really excellent trip! We loved the Machame route. Each day was beautiful and it was amazing how the terrain changed from day to day. We were feeling so strong that we almost decided to do the climb in 6 days, but were then enjoying the journey so much that we decided to stick with the 7 days.
Pam Stewart


Thank you for organizing our Kilimanjaro trip. We all made it to the top (see attached pic), two without Diamox (including me) and we were very happy with the service provided (especially hot lunch in the tent during a blizzard!).
Rhett Smart