Riana Kretzschmar (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 29 September 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Lemosho route



Dear Nikki

Thank you very much for all your assistance before our trip, at the airport (with my little hickup) and posting photos for our friends and family to follow us.  Your expertise in arranging this trip was amazing.  Needless to say, there were times when I felt I was not going to make it at is was difficult (guess due to the altitude) but our guide, Nelson and his wonderful team made us get through it to the very last step.

These guys are amazing and always friendly and eager to help where they can.

Our Safari was wonderful and well organized.  Every day was more exciting with all our sightings and Big 5.

I will definitely recommend your company for both Kili and Safari.

Kind regards

Riana Kretzschmar & team


Margarita Yelevich & Aleksey Pozhidaev (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 27 September 2015 – Superior package – 6 Day Machame route



Hi Nikki,


Let me begin with saying that our trip to Tanzania as a whole and our climb to the top of Kilimanjaro in particular exceeded all my expectations!  What a wonderful time we had!


It’s been almost two months since our return (sorry it took me so long to get back to you)  and I still cannot stop sharing my joy and stories with my friends and coworkers. Everybody wants to know all the details and two people are already thinking very seriously about climbing Kilimanjaro too.


I want to express all my sincere appreciation to John and his team. Their daily effort in making us feel comfortable, welcomed  and taken care of played the key role in our success.  Us making it to the summit would not be possible without them.  Everyone on the team was so friendly and attentive to our needs and wishes.


Looking back, I would not change anything or wish that something was done differently. Everything was planned and executed very well with high professionalism by both Climbing Kilimanjaro and Hidden Valley companies. You are the best!


Thank you for organizing this trip!



Matthew Patton group (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 18 September 2015 Superior package – 6 day Machame route

Matthew Patton

Hey Nikki,

Just wanted to express on behalf of the whole group what an amazing trip this was. You have a fantastic organization that really catered to us and did an incredible job of getting us all up to the top at the same time.

Nelson is an amazing and very trustworthy guide. We immediately felt very safe with him. Ziggy is an awesome cook. Robert held a great pace for us. Jackson helped Ashley to the top. Everyone was amazing. A truly good group of guys. Do not let Nelson go! I will always recommend you guys and tell them to ask for Nelson! I wouldnt have it any other way if i did this trip again.

You are also great in keeping in touch with me and communicating everything to us about as clearly as possible. Its been as stress free as possible.

Thank you again very much!


Plamen Ivanov (Bulgaria) – Successful summit attempt on 17 September 2015 Superior package – 6 day Machame route

Kili Lisa, Jarod, John, Emmanuel, Plamen


Dear Nikki,


I didn’t have the time to write when i came back from Tanzania, because there was too much work accumulated during my absence and waiting for me in the office.


Now i have few minutes and i just wanted to tell you that i’m quite happy with the services that you provided and with my trip to Tanzania in general. Thank you very much for that!


The climb of Kilimanjaro experience fully met my expectations and even exceeded them by far. The logistics were perfect, our guide John was fantastic, the entire crew was fantastic. I was lucky with the two Americans that i joined, which i now call my good friends and also with the weather. I cannot think of anything that was not OK. Everything was just perfect!


The safari was for me something that i just add to my Kilimanjaro trip. But in the end i was also very happy to do that! It was also a very interesting adventure!


Thank you once again for the great service and all the best!


Kind regards,


Logan & Dhesagee Pillay (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 14 September 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route


Hello Nikki

Hope this mail finds you well.
We just wanted to thank you and the team in Tanzania for making our Kilimanjaro trip a success. It’s a dream come true and still feels surreal.

Aaron and especially James I owe my life to after I suffered Pulmonary Adema at the summit. Dhes was fine all the way, in fact she became stronger just before Stella Point.

I couldn’t take 3 steps without gasping for breath with much difficulty. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me at the time because I followed the eating and water recommendations from day 1. I also took Diamox daily.

Nonetheless James knew exactly what was happening and never left me for a second.

Thanks also to the porters who often would come back on the trail to help Dhes and I to carry our backpacks to the next camp. I’m still amazed at how strong and agile that are and so courteous and pleasant. They made it their duty for us to succeed. God bless them.

We thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of every day. We both miss the Majestic mountain – Roof of Africa, it has really grown on us and will always harbour a special place in our hearts forever.

To you and your team, we would definitely support and promote your company as a preferred tour company of choice. All the travel arrangements went like clockwork. Friendly drivers between transfers. Overall 100% service. The hotel staff was outstanding and very accommodating.

Thank you for making our dreams come true.

Logan & Dhesagee

Bud Jackson (USA)  – Successful summit attempt on 30 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route






It was a spectacular trip from start to finish.  Very professional from the beginning (with you) and registration thru pick-up and drop offs at airport, hotel, and especially the climb itself.  Aaron and James (Guides) and the whole crew never faltered in supporting us thru the climb and successful summit.  It is indeed spectacular views from the top for sure, but also along the way.  It is a worthwhile adventure and you meet many adventurous souls along the way.   I recommend the trip for everyone.  Sincerely – Thank You for that.



Bud Jackson

Steffanie Altman (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 22 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route


My hike up Kilimanjaro was one of my favourite experiences of my life. Every moment of it was incredible. It was physically a fantastic workout and it was a chance to be immersed in nature and separated from the rest of the world. I was very happy to not have cell service or Internet access for the entire climb. I spent a lot of time taking in my surroundings, speaking with my guides and co-hiker, and just thinking. We rarely get so much time to our own thoughts and ourselves.

Freddy and Bariki were incredible guides, and I would recommend them to anyone I know! I truly felt that so long as our health was no in danger, they would do whatever it took to get us to the top. Freddy checked our health every morning and every night, and made sure we were drinking enough water and eating enough calories. They went above and beyond their guide duties to ensure we were having a great time.

They were also very flexible and understanding that my climbing mate and I did not know each other prior and did not know we were not in the same climbing shape. They were incredibly accommodating to both of us, to ensure we felt good and that we got the experience we hoped for.

They allowed me to push myself to a pace that I was enjoying but kept me back just enough to ensure I would be safe.

Every morning we were woken up with fresh hot ginger tea. It was the perfect wake up in the freezing temperatures. After we got ready for the day we’d enjoy a delicious, hot breakfast! We had porridge, toast, omelet, avocado, cheese, and fruit. It was gourmet meals on a mountain!!

When we would arrive to camp everything was already set up by our porters. Our chef always prepared hot water for washing and either lunch or an afternoon snack if it was between meals.

They took incredible care of us. I never doubted if I would get to the top with this crew. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in climbing Kilimanjaro! If they are in basic athletic shape and go with Freddy, they’ll not only get to the top of Uhuru peak, they’ll smile the entire way!!

Anna Grau Calvó (Spain) – Successful summit attempt on 11 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route



Hi Annalé!


Just arrived to Andorra safe and sound.


My experience in Kilimanjaro was amazing and succesful as well!!! It’s been one of the best experiences in my life, and reaching uhuru peak was exciting! Thanks to Safiel and the dream team! They were very kind and friendly. Everything worked perfectly, your mails, your dedication, the transfers, the trek, the food (yummy!!!), and obviously the team! 


Thanks all of you for everything!!!



Errol Seaman (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 – Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Errol Seaman (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 - Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Dear Annale,

Where to begin……

This was truly the most gruelling, physically exhausting and challenging experience of my life thus far…but having said that, definitely one of the, if not the most enjoyable and exiting journeys I have done.

I can only thank you personally for your excellent support in providing the material and emails promptly and clearly in allowing us to be mentally ready for this journey.

In addition to this I have utmost respect and appreciation for the following:
Head guide: Nelson – a true person with a heart of gold, an awesome sense of humour and the ability to encourage, lead and support his team and the guests as best as anyone would be able to – I salute him!!!
Assistant Guide: Robert – Although still learning, I believe he has all the tools and ability to be a great head guide one day – keep shuffling!!
Chief cook (stomach engineer): Ziggy – his food was always tasty, nutritious and enjoyable – a great cook with a great sense of humour!!
Waiter: Adam – always smiling, always helping and always available – he will make a great chef one day!
Bouncer: although he doesn’t talk much – he is always smiling and a true soldier in the team
Choir Master: Goodwin – what can I say, except that he kept the songs going (Jambo, Jambo Bwana…), he kept the laughter and spirits high (especially on summit night and our final ceremony) and I especially enjoyed his imitation of a rooster crowing – excellent!! – Oh – and he was by mine and Zack’s side each step of the way, along with Nelson, during summit night – I think without them we may not have made it!!!

The porters: Unfortunately I did not get to know them by name, but I have 150% respect and admiration for them – their absolutely hard work, mixed with smiles and laughter and continuous happiness – Mambo – Poa – I salute them too!!!!

All in all it was an absolutely amazing experience, and although I will not repeat it (that box has now been ticked), I will definitely recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro to anyone know who is planning to summit Mt Kilimanjaro in the future.

So, in closing, a huge congratulations to you and your team, from start to finish – everyone provided a service way beyond our expectations – Thank you!!

I have enclosed a few photos which you may gladly post onto your website as you wish.

Best regards,
Errol Seaman