Shane Quinnell (South Africa) – Successful summit on 22 August 2017


Hi Nikki,

We apologise for the delay in sending this email.  We have been pretty spent so have been resting and trying to finish some magazine articles.

Firstly we wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team for the excellent service and great experience on Kili. We really were very impressed with your operational team including all of the guides and porters who made the trip what it was. On that note in addition to the excellent guides, we found the waiter Laurent Tarimo to be exceptionally helpful and friendly. If you are ever looking to train a new guide we believe he would be great for the job.

Thanks also for the hotel upgrade when we got back, it was MUCH appreciated! For the record, we were also very happy at Altezza, where the staff were particularly friendly. Thanks too for the great FB updates during the trip.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Shane and Tarryn Quinnell

John Healey (USA) – Successful summit on 9 August 2017

John Healey

Nikki & Gideon,

My daughter Addison and I had a truly memorable experience on our Kilimanjaro trek. Our group of 5 climbers combined with our head guide Gideon and his team was wonderful. Addison’s adjustment to the altitude proved challenging, and without the extra attention from our traveling companions and the extensive support from Gideon and his team, there is little doubt we would never had achieved our goal. Their tireless service, attention to detail, and nurturing support allowed for our success. Climbing Kilimanjaro and Gideon’s team is quite the successful combination.

Marc Jarry (Canada) – Successful summit on 8 August 2017


Hi Nikki,

The trip was a success on all levels.

I will start with our guide Musa. He was great. We felt in very good hands with him. On the trail, almost everybody, from others guides, to porters, would call him up! Musa here, Musa there. Everybody on the trail was happy to see him. He is very respected on the mountain which gave us confidence in him also.

Lawrence, the assistant guide: He was also great. A ray on sunshine all the time. Him and the cook were always smiling. Their good humor was contagious!

The cook, (I am sorry, I don’t remember his name),  was also terrific. The food was very good. I never ate as much! And to think that we were on the kili!

The porters: Also terrific! When we arrived, the tents were always up and waiting for us! Even the last night, we were really fast between Barafu and Mweca (we did it in 2h15min vs the usual 4h) and even so, the tent was ready! Hats off to these great climbers.

As for the reservation process and info before the hike, Nikki you were also of great help  We had all the info and we prepared ourselves accordingly.

As for the safari: Jordan, our guide was really great and the accommodations in Lake Manyara were super. The staff there was also very very kind

Mount Meru Hotel was super!

I have thus nothing bad to say about this trip. Our next one will have very high expectations to meet!

Thank again for this perfect trek

Marc Jarry

Ronald van Ree (Netherlands) – Successful summit on 8 August 2017


Dear Nikki,

Indeed we had a wonderful trip. Everything was very well organized. No negative feedback at all. Very friendly and helpful guides and other people involved, excellent service, well prepared fresh food. Always prepared to do something extra for us. Overall, we had a great time and I would certainly recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro to other people.

BW Ronald

Salesh Ramnarain (South Africa) – Successful summit on 8 August 2017


Hi Nikki,

Trust you are well.

I got caught up with my work when I returned, forgot to contact you.

I would like to thank you and the team for a superb experience and hospitality of Kilimanjaro.

The porters and team I had at Kilimanjaro were excellent.

I really enjoyed the climb and the entire hike from start to finish.

Also, to you thank you for all the arrangements, from the time I was fetched, to the time I was dropped off to the airport all the arrangements were all well executed.

Take care.


Salesh Ramnarain

Zbigniew Kuder (Australia) – Successful summit on 8 August 2017


Hi Nikki

Yes, indeed,the trip to Tanzania was amazing. Nice climate and weather which suits me.

The climbing was the great experience for me /and my muscles/.And I made it. Sometimes I dont know how…….for sure thanks to guides

assistants and guide Gideon by himself.  The summit attempt was pretty hard honestly – a loooong walk in the night, very long day.

That’s one and only one bad thing – no time and energy to admire the mountains.

The rest ; crew,food,equipment..etc…is very good and friendly.

Thank you Nikki for your help and advices. …………with best regards…zibby

Jennipher Oluoch (Kenya) – Successful summit on 21 July 2017

Jennipher Oluoch

Hi Adel,

We had an amazing experience and we completed a survey and provided our feedback to the team. You have a great team and they were really amazing and so very patient with us. When the going got tough, they stood by us and encouraged us to keep going.

I was hoping to loose some weight but I don’t think I did because of the great food they prepared. It was Five star treatment on the mountain.

Charity, Musa, Lawrence and the entire team are amazing. I miss them already.

A big thank you to you as well for answering all our emails timely  and providing us with all the critical information we needed. I have also provided feedback on your Facebook page (under the name Oh Jen) and I will definitely refer my family and friends to you if they ever decide to conquer Kilimanjaro.

Many thanks,


Ryan Tyler and Lisa Frazier (USA) – Successful summit on 18 July 2017


Hi Nikki,

Nice to hear from you.  We had an amazing time; everything in terms of logistics went smoothly which is a first for us as we are used to dealing with some sort of logistical problem while traveling.  The Kilimanjaro team was attentive, kind, knowledgeable, and a joy to be around.  The “Yes We Can” team was probably our favorite part of the climb after reaching the summit, of course.  We were a bit sad for our climb to end because of the wonderful crew.

On safari we were thoroughly impressed with Paul’s expertise and commitment to ensuring we had the best possible experience.  The migration/crossing — WOW! The safari accommodations exceeded our expectations and we got a bit spoiled between the wine, food, and attention while at camp each night.  Dinner each night also gave us the opportunity to get to know Paul and learn a bit more about life in Tanzania.  One of my favorite things about travel are uncovering the commonalities among people regardless of native country.

Overall, the trip from start to finish exceeded our expectations.  Thank you to you and Charity for all of your help!  We sincerely appreciate your hard work in the months leading up to the trip and Charity’s help while in Tanzania.  We fell in love with Tanzania and will be ambassadors for life.

Take Care,

Lisa and Ryan

Leonardo Quezada (Australia) – Successful summit on the 10 June 2017


Hi Nikki,

We made it 🙂

I wanted to personally thank the entire team that supported us during our amazing trip.

Firstly, thank you to you and the admin team for coordinating all of the trip details – from choosing the right route, to hotel transfers and  everything in between.  Everything that was discussed was provided as agreed.

As for the crew on the ground, John and his team exemplify client service and served as great ambassadors for Climbing Kilimanjaro as well as Tanzania itself.

Below are a few highlights from the trip that I would like to call out and hope you can pass on to the team in Moshi;

– Our lead guide – John – was very welcoming and together we referred to the whole crew as “family”, constantly sharing food etc as part of the team/family experience

– John’s customer focus was greatly appreciated. He constantly and consistently checked up on us after meals and treks to make sure we were ok.

– John certainly demonstrated his experience and focus on his climbing program based on our pace and perfected over 200 successful client summits

– The little things John did for us;

– Greeting us with song on long days as we entered our camp site

– Assisting us with our day packs on long days allowing us to walk the last hour or so into camp without one or in my dad’s case walk most of the trek without a day pack so he wouldn’t be burdened with the extra weight
– Clearly calling out daily activities so that there were never any surprises

–  Adjusting the meals to accommodate Dad’s changing dietary requirements

…and a special shout of thanks go to John, Uzwen and our cook – the 3 of which were key to my dad and I successfully reaching the summit.

I am more than happy to repeat my compliments on the Climbing Kilimanjaro website, Facebook and Trip Advisor if that will help.

We had a wonderful trip.

Kind regards,