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Suggested reading on Mt Kilimanjaro

Plenty of books are available on Kilimanjaro. Below is a list of them. These books should be available at any good book store or at online stores such as or You can download the below list.

  • Title: Kilimanjaro
    • Author: Henry Stedman
  • Title: Lonely Planet Tanzania
    • Author: Mary Fitzpatrick
  • Title: Explore Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Author: Jacquetta Megarry
  • Title: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Authors: Stephen Carmichael, Susan Stoddard, Rick Ridgeway, Neville Shulman, Robert M. Moore
  • Title: Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa
    • Author: Audrey Salkeld
  • Title: Kilimanjaro: Sons of Kilimanjaro
    • Author: Macon Dunnagan
  • Title: Climbing Kilimanjaro: An African Odyssey
    • Author: Helen Bergan
  • Title: Kilimanjaro Adventure
    • Author: Hal Streckert
  • Title: Lonely Planet Trekking in East Africa
    • Author: David Else
  • Title: High Altitude Illness & Wellness
    • Author: Charles S. Houston
  • Title: The Shadow of Kilimanjaro
    • Author: Rick Ridgeway
  • Title: Kilimanjaro Map (International travel maps)
    • Author: International Travel Maps
  • Title: Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya: A Climbing and Trekking Guide
    • Author: Cameron M. Burns
  • Title: East Africa (Multi Country Guide)
    • Author: Mary Fitzpatrick
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