Kilimanjaro Scheduled Climb Dates

Please note: We start climbs each and every day of the year. You may choose any date that suitsyour schedule.

However, if you would like to join an existing group, then it will be possible to join any of our existing climbs as mentioned below. The joining of an existing group will offer a social benefit, but no financial benefit on all packages.

Please note if you book a standard package, can you not join an existing climbers package climb, even if it is the same route. If you book a standard package, can you only join a standard package climb, if you book a climbers package, can you only join a climbers package climb.

We do try to update the list on a regular basis, but before you book your flights and plan your trip, please contact us to confirm that space is still available for the preferred climb. Availability to join an existing group is subject to change.

Our climb starting dates are flexible and we can start a climb on any day you want, subject to availability.

If none of the dates below fit according to your planned dates, then please contact us as we can start a new climb according to your requested dates.

Full moon summit dates

To summit on a full moon you should leave about 4-6 days before these dates, depending on the length of your trip. For a 6 Day hike plan your hike to start on the following dates.

Tip: Note that these dates are usually popular, so if you prefer a quieter trip, go for the new moon dates instead, which will show you countless stars!

Please note that your Kilimanjaro adventure is not restricted to the dates mentioned below. Our trek departure dates are not set, but are flexible to coincide with your preferred travel date. Our treks depart daily, subject to availability.

2016 full moon dates
New moon First quarter Full moon Last quarter
10 Jan 17 Jan 23 Jan 1 Feb
8 Feb 15 Feb 22 Feb 2 Mar
9 Mar
Solar Eclipse
15 Mar 23 March
Lunar Eclipse
31 Mar
7 Apr 14 Apr 22 April 30 Apr
6 May 13 May 22 May 29 May
5 Jun 12 Jun 20 June 27 June
4 July 12 July 20 July 27 July
2 August 10 August 18 August 25 August
1 September 9 September 16 September 23 September
1 October 9 October 16 October 22 October
30 October 7 November 14 November 21 November
29 November 7 December 14 December 21 December
29 December 5 January