Sagie Pillay (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 18 August 2014

Claire Rademeyer (South Africa) - Successful summit attempt on 18 August 2014

Amazing experience. The Guides and support staff were absolutely outstanding. The Chief Guide Safiel is in a class of his own, extraordinary leadership qualities, exceptionally well trained, attuned to the needs of his clients and with the rest of his dream team did everything possible to make our experience unique. Every member of the dream team are committed, passionate and focused to the task at hand. The Dream Team are rare, it is not often that you find such passion and you should treasured. For many of us reaching the summit many have not be possible without the motivation to push us on when the body wants to stop, cajoling when we wanted to give up, singing when we were falling off to sleep while walking, lifting of the human spirit the end seemed to far away, and finally when all our energy was gone literally pulling us up in the really difficult parts of the summit. Our special thanks to the Dream team. Over all organization, logistics and planning was exceptional both in Sa and Tanzania, thanks Nikki to you and you partner in Tanzania for a truly unique experience.

Warm regards

Sagie Pillay