Prebai Pillay (South Africa) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 (with Bernhard Fonseka, Dale Paterson, Rami Wazir, Stefan Brinkmann, Felice Galati and Joerg Scheifler) Superior package – 7 day Lemosho route


Hi Nikki


I have to express our utmost gratitude on an amazing lifetime experience we had climbing Kilimanjaro.


This would never have been possible without Safiel and his amazing team.

The professionalism, combined with drive from all of team to ensure we achieved our goal to summit Kilimanjaro.


Again special thanks to our guides Safi, Roger the Dodger, Willie and Steve.

Our chef Rama who’s great food kept us well nourished and no one was sick!

Our President Reagan who waited on our beckoned call…miss our morning ginger tea!!


Our amazing crew of 25, sorry I can’t remember every name, gave us inspiration and determination to succeed.


We will definitely refer Climbing Kilimanjaro as the best operator on the mountain.


Thanks again to Safi and the team.


Kind regards

The Dream Team