Penelope Masefield and Emma Guy (Australia) – Successful summit on 17 December 2015 6 Day Lemosho route – Standard package

diad summit 2


My friend and I have recently returned to Australia after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with your group.

As two young women travelling alone, we were nervous about undertaking such an adventure.

Words cannot describe how amazing our entire trip was. The team who took us up the mountain exceeded our expectations every day.

The porters were so friendly and happy every day and were basically absolute legends. Their customer service skills, even when English

was not strong, went above and beyond what would have been required. I was very impressed by all the little things they did to make us

more comfortable. i.e meeting us after summit with juice, or the table cloth for dinner.

The Food cooked by our Chef was very impressive! What he can do on the one stove was really amazing. And our waiter Hussein was

absolutely a key to our positive experience we had every day. His attitude was incredible and contagious.

Innocent our guide, I can’t thank him enough for getting me to the top, for setting a great pace that both Emma and I were comfortable with,

making jokes, singing songs and being a great friend on our trip. He was knowledgeable about the Mountain and always offered a helping hand

if we got stuck. I couldn’t recommend Innocent and his team more to anyone wishing to climb Kili.


All in all our experience with the mountain and the accommodation was a very positive one. We both felt we left a piece of our hearts in

Moshi and hope to return again soon.”