Margarita Yelevich & Aleksey Pozhidaev (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 27 September 2015 – Superior package – 6 Day Machame route



Hi Nikki,


Let me begin with saying that our trip to Tanzania as a whole and our climb to the top of Kilimanjaro in particular exceeded all my expectations!  What a wonderful time we had!


It’s been almost two months since our return (sorry it took me so long to get back to you)  and I still cannot stop sharing my joy and stories with my friends and coworkers. Everybody wants to know all the details and two people are already thinking very seriously about climbing Kilimanjaro too.


I want to express all my sincere appreciation to John and his team. Their daily effort in making us feel comfortable, welcomed  and taken care of played the key role in our success.  Us making it to the summit would not be possible without them.  Everyone on the team was so friendly and attentive to our needs and wishes.


Looking back, I would not change anything or wish that something was done differently. Everything was planned and executed very well with high professionalism by both Climbing Kilimanjaro and Hidden Valley companies. You are the best!


Thank you for organizing this trip!