Kyla Yoon (South Korea) – Successful summit of Kilimanjaro on 31 January 2017


I want to write an honest review on my Kilimanjaro trip with Climbing Kilimanjaro / John the amazing guide and his team.

I have planned to climb… Mt. Kilimanjaro for years, searched many websites to decide which agency I wanted to book my trip with, and Climbing Kilimanjaro website definitely had the most information I was looking for, which made me feel that they really know what they are doing and care for people who want to come. However, despite all those information I had so many more questions due to my ignorance for camping(I’ve never really camped or did the serious hiking before), I called them MANY times to ask small questions. All the operators were really nice, answered my probably unimportant questions which they must have come across to answering thousands of times to many other people before- with kindness and patience. So I decided to book my trip with them!

I was able to join another group because on the exact date I wanted to come, there were a group of 6 people who already planned to go with the exact same route I wanted to go. The website has all the information of who’s going(not all the personal information but nationality and how many people) and when, so if you’re a small group or alone wanting to join other people to make your trip a bit more socially exciting and financially cheaper, it’s very convenient to find information and decide.

The chief guide John – the amazing super human who never looked tired the whole time to the summit- took us to town and was there for us the whole time a day before the climbing, helped us for getting a local sim card, shopping etc, so we were all ready for the trip safely!

At this point I want to strongly confidently absolutely undoubtfully recommend this man, John, as your guide. John and his staffs were perfect, kind, and absolutely lovely. There are times you experience something and just know that is the best you can get, the team was exactly like that. Although I did not experience other teams, I didn’t have to, we all knew we were in the best hands.

John showed the amazing leadership organizing the trip, not only the physical side of it but he really did care for everyone’s well being in every way, He genuinely wanted us to be happy and enjoy the time, so he would do whatever that takes to make it happen. He won’t limit himself to help clients thinking what he’s <supposed to> provide, but he’s ready to serve and help you with anything you need- He was also very flexible so you could always discuss with Him for what you need. He was like my Kilimanjaro dad who was there for me the whole time! Also he speaks excellent English. If you’re reading this, you’re not going to regret- REQUEST JOHN AS YOUR GUIDE, He will make it possible that you will definitely make it to the summit. Our team, the 7 of us all agreed that he made it possible for all of us to make it to the summit. There were a few difficult moments where some of us were having a hard time climbing, but John knew exactly how to handle the situation so things were resolved immediately.

Also, for me personally I was following the doctor’s instruction for taking diamox and it caused me side effect so I felt nervous about it. Then I consulted with John and he gave me the advise of how I should take them, and it was alright when I followed his instruction. I say- experience is better than the theory.

And THE COOK in his team!!! I can’t miss praising his food- I never expected to have such delicious *HOT* meal every time I eat, on the mountain that was up 3000m and above. Thank you so much for feeding us with love and care. He was not only an excellent cook but was also a good singer/enternatiner! I miss his singing.

As a model, I wanted to leave this special moment with the appropriate fashion so I took off my summit jacket and summit pants and took this picture on top- (kids, please don’t try this at home) but I did have the right gear while climbing 😀 and John would check on all of us with what to wear everyday and that was very helpful.

If you’re someone who’s considering to climb Kili and have more questions to someone who’s been already, I’m happy to answer them so feel free to msg me. That’s how much I was satisfied with CK, John and his staffs!

Once again, thank you everyone for your amazing work! I would love to come again if I have a chance!