Jesse Pleger (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 28 November 2014

Jesse Pleger (USA) - Successful summit attempt on 28 November 2014

Hi Nikki,

Here’s a few quick bullet points with feedback:


  • Overall, I really appreciated your professionalism ahead of the hike, with communication via e-mail, sending plenty of preparatory documents, handling the financial aspect professionally, etc.
  • The actual hike went well. The guides and porters were professional, and seemed very competent. At all stages–from arrival at the hotel in Moshi, until our return to the hotel after the hike–I felt we were treated professionally, communication was clear, there were not any steps left unclear or fuzzy, etc.
  • Our guide was extremely helpful on the first day of our hike, with helping us first deal with a scam we’d fell victim to (before we’d booked with you). We spent the morning running around Moshi dealing a bank and the police, and the guide was very helpful and patient in this. He also expertly arranged for our park permit to be obtained and passed to our team very efficiently without wasting additional time.

Overall, I would recommend your agency to others, and have already left a positive review on TripAdvisor. Thanks for everything,
Jesse Pleger