Jennipher Oluoch (Kenya) – Successful summit on 21 July 2017

Jennipher Oluoch

Hi Adel,

We had an amazing experience and we completed a survey and provided our feedback to the team. You have a great team and they were really amazing and so very patient with us. When the going got tough, they stood by us and encouraged us to keep going.

I was hoping to loose some weight but I don’t think I did because of the great food they prepared. It was Five star treatment on the mountain.

Charity, Musa, Lawrence and the entire team are amazing. I miss them already.

A big thank you to you as well for answering all our emails timely  and providing us with all the critical information we needed. I have also provided feedback on your Facebook page (under the name Oh Jen) and I will definitely refer my family and friends to you if they ever decide to conquer Kilimanjaro.

Many thanks,