Congratulations to Nell Gordon (Australia) for successfully reaching Uhuru Peak on 13 January 2017


Dear Annalé,

I’d love to elaborate on our personal experience with your team. I agree with Pip 100% — we had a great time from start to finish!
One of the things I appreciated the very most about this trip was Climbing Kilimanjaro’s ability to cater to my dietary requirements. I’m Vegan, which can be an incredibly difficult diet to cater for, because it excludes all animal products.
On the first day of the climb our guides spoke to me to confirm that all my meals would be suitable. And so for the entirety of the climb every single meal was not only strictly Vegan, but also better than any restaurant we visited in our entire 3 weeks in Africa! Our team’s chef is clearly an incredibly talented chef, because each day he made us the most delicious meals (and with a huge variety – pastas, stir fry, soups, omelettes, chapatis, salads, and plenty more) which were always served beautifully and in huge quantities. And when we mentioned that we particularly liked something, January was quick to make us extra servings of that particular food!
The other aspect of our climb which I am incredibly grateful for is the people. After getting to know our support team, it is obvious that Climbing Kilimanjaro prides themselves on hiring the best personalities to help tourists reach the summit.
Our guides were outstanding and were competent, patient, encouraging, kind, reliable, and very knowledgeable about Kilimanjaro and Tanzanian history and culture generally. They were always happy to answer our many, many questions, they showed an active interest in getting to know us better throughout the trip, and took great care in ensuring we were comfortable and healthy every step of the way. When we suffered symptoms of altitude sickness, they were very attentive and helped us get through it so that we could continue on to the summit. Not only this, but when I said that I would like to learn Swahili while I climbed Kilimanjaro, both our guides happily became my personal language teachers and spent the entirety of the climb teaching me Swahili! Thanks to their help, I learnt basic grammar, and many words and phrases that I was able to practice with them and our porters over the 7 days.
Lastly, both Pip and I felt incredibly lucky to have the support of such great porters on our team. Each porter played their individual roles incredibly well – the waiter served us all of our meals and collected our plates afterwards, he made us tea every morning and evening, brought us hot water for washing whenever we wanted it, and was always telling jokes and making us laugh.
The porter that carried our personal tent and the mess tent, set it up before we arrived at each camp, and was friendly, happy to chat with me, and taught me a lot of slang Swahili during the climb.
There was one porter who spoke English fantastically and was our personal translator whenever we needed him.
The other porters were also very helpful with our luggage and were always happy and smiling, helping around the camp, and helping me learn and practice my Swahili.
Lastly, we had one porter who carried our portable toilet & accompanying tent, and although we were embarrassed at first, we quickly became so grateful that he and the facility were with us! It was always set up immediately when we reached a campsite, and dismantled after we had already left, so it was always there when we needed it. I was so surprised that it was always kept clean throughout the whole trip, he did a great job.
I think this team is really special because it’s obvious that the porters and guides all really care about each other, are very supportive of each other, and actually enjoy spending time together.
On day 7 of this trip we truly felt like we were leaving friends behind, and we are so grateful to have had this experience with such a great group of people. (I have attached a photo we took after the climb so you can see for yourself) We had such an amazing time that we almost feel like we could climb Mount Kilimanjaro again, just to spend another 7 days with our team!
Thank you again, very much, for such an awesome experience.

Warmest regards,