Chris and Debbie Haworth (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 11 July 2014

Michael Moran (USA) - Successful summit attempt on 15 July 2014

Hi Nikki

Firstly a huge thank you for organizing such an amazing holiday in Tanzania for us. Everything, from the Kenyan Airways flight dramas to all shuttles, hotels, etc and more importantly, to the incredible time we had on Kili, thank you for making it all happen so smoothly.

Our heartfelt thanks to Gideon, Willie and Meleji and their outstanding team of incredible cooks and porters for a truly memorable experience. Words alone are not adequate enough to convey our appreciation of all they did to ensure we got to the top; leadership and guidance, humility and humor, wisdom and patience, boundless energy and an ability to work so very very hard in such a tough environment, have made each member of their team an invaluable asset to Tanzania and we salute them! Their friendship and sincerity has touched our lives in an indelible way and we came down the mountain as one family. Thank you guys. Asante sana! You are super heroes! We look forward to returning soon to Kili with our children and hope to see all the guys again.

Thank you once again Nikki for organizing our dream come true holiday!

Debbie and Chris Haworth