Phill Hewitt (UK) – Successful summit on 6 March 2016 – Superior package – 6 day Marangu route

Phil hewitt


Hi Nikki,

I just wanted to say thanks to Climbing Kilimanjaro for organising our climb to Kilimanjaro.  All the information we received was very informative and very helpful. Our guides, cooks and Porters did an outstanding job of looking after us. We did note that other groups didn’t receive quite the same attention and health checks that we did. Even with a touch of altitude sickness, we all made it to the top with some assistance from the guides.

I would like to think I would be back to Kilimanjaro in the future exploring a different route.  It seems a bit strange to be back at my desk at work!

Thanks again,

Phill Hewitt

Prebai Pillay (South Africa) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 (with Bernhard Fonseka, Dale Paterson, Rami Wazir, Stefan Brinkmann, Felice Galati and Joerg Scheifler) Superior package – 7 day Lemosho route


Hi Nikki


I have to express our utmost gratitude on an amazing lifetime experience we had climbing Kilimanjaro.


This would never have been possible without Safiel and his amazing team.

The professionalism, combined with drive from all of team to ensure we achieved our goal to summit Kilimanjaro.


Again special thanks to our guides Safi, Roger the Dodger, Willie and Steve.

Our chef Rama who’s great food kept us well nourished and no one was sick!

Our President Reagan who waited on our beckoned call…miss our morning ginger tea!!


Our amazing crew of 25, sorry I can’t remember every name, gave us inspiration and determination to succeed.


We will definitely refer Climbing Kilimanjaro as the best operator on the mountain.


Thanks again to Safi and the team.


Kind regards

The Dream Team

Adri Dreyer (South Africa) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 – Superior package – 7 day Machame route



We were booked for the Machame route from 18-24 February 2016. Initially we were only 2 friends booked for this period, but on short notice 5 other people joined, so we started as strangers, but left as friends. From the start David, our chief guide, took the lead in a way that immediately made us feel comfortable and safe and this set the trend for the whole period. David and his crew set our comfort and safety as their main priority… besides getting us all on the roof of Africa! What stood out was the respectful way in which David interacted with his crew and the result was visible in the loyalty they have shown towards him.

I was the slowest of the whole group, but David NEVER made me feel uncomfortable about it. In fact, without knowing this, he created a new ‘mantra’ for me by constantly saying; “Adri, you are not sick, just tired”…and those words helped me to summit! It was so amazing how that one sentence could help my mind to push my body beyond its natural limits!

The whole crew was just so fantastic. They put “Hakuna matata” into practice. Nothing was too much for them. On every request they would say “No problem” and would then go out of their way to assist. On the day before summit one of our team members, Steve, turned 60. Some of the crew went all the way to Moshi and back to Barafu camp to present Steve with…a birthday cake!!!

David, you and your team are amazing!!! I might forget how awesome it was to be able to summit, but I will NEVER forget the way you and your team went out of your way to accommodate all of our diverse needs. You created a ‘home’ to us which made us feel home away from home! May you all be blessed in abundance.

Nikki, to you and your team in Pretoria, a huge thumbs up for your professional service as our preferred agent. The urgency with which you answered our questions and the timely provision of related info prepared us with what we needed for a ‘kick start’. We will wholeheartedly promote you as service provider to whoever would like to take the challenge to visit the roof of Africa!

Theresa Haarhoff-Petersen (South Africa) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 – Superior package – 7 Day Machame route



Hi Nikki

Wow, I have reached the top. To summit was a dream come through.

I want to say thank you to you for the professional service received from day one, it made the arrangements and trip so much easier.

Regarding the team on Tanzanian side, I can only say well done!! They made the journey possible through their encouragement, support, care and good sense of humor. From the porters to the cook and the guides, each one fulfilled his role in the best possible way. If not for David and his team, I doubt that I would have been able to summit.

There are too much to mention, but all in all it was a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Thank you to David, his team and Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Kind Regards

Theresa Haarhoff-Petersen

Successful summit attempt on 20 February 2016 – Superior package – 7 Day Lemosho route



Hi Annale,

The climb was wonderful. Harold, our guide, was so helpful during that last summit attempt. The rest of the crew was great as well. All the porters were very sweet.

The Safari was also great. Jackson was very personable and knowledgeable. I have absolutely no complaints.

Thank you again for all your help! It was an incredible experience.


Alexander Sibbald (Australia) – Successful summit on 8 January 2016 – Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route



Hi Nikki


I have got only positive things to say about the trip through this fantastic company. From the outset of my interactions with Climbing Kilimanjaro (including with yourself in the very early stages), responses were always prompt, informative, and comprehensive. It made the decision to accept the marginally larger costs (in comparison to some blatantly inferior tour companies) a no-brainer, as my mind was put at ease through all stages of the planning process.


This did not change when I arrived in Tanzania, which would have otherwise been an intimidating transition for a young Aussie’s first foray into solo travel, if not for the professionalism of Climbing Kilimanjaro. I appreciated the enthusiasm of the driver of my airport shuttle, even after 48 hours of minimal sleep!


The accommodation organised by Climbing Kilimanjaro not only met all expectations, but exceeded them, which is consistent with the entirety of the trip. The staff of the hotel San Salinero, while not employees of Climbing Kilimanjaro, represented the values of respect, service and friendship across cultures that Climbing Kilimanjaro espouses with professional aplomb.


And then came the hike itself. What an experience! From the get-go, with the experience and knowledge of Harold, Rama, Alan and Davis, it became apparent that all 5 in our group would summit Kilimanjaro, and sure enough we all did. For those who love the outdoors and scenic views, Kilimanjaro has them in spades. For those who love genuine cultural experiences and meeting people from different walks of life (potentially even from your own backyard), Kilimanjaro can provide. And even those who like delicious food (every night delivered incredible soup!) or reggae music, you should consider Climbing Kilimanjaro.


The experience on the whole was a life-changing, view-altering undertaking, which I’ll never regret doing for a single second. I will always attribute the achievement of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro to my own personal and mental strength, but the deeper memories of Kilimanjaro, and the friendships I made would not sit with me today had I not chosen to climb with Climbing Kilimanjaro.


I recommend anybody of moderate fitness to consider climbing this beautiful mountain with Climbing Kilimanjaro.


Best wishes (and I hope to join you again soon!)



Felicia Sibiya (South Africa) – Successful summit on 1 January 2016 – Superior package – 7 day Machame route



Good afternoon Annele

I would like to start off by extending a BIG thank you to you and your team for taking care of most of the admin of organizing this experience for me. I really appreciate all your effort and dedication to ensuring that everything was in order and I had everything that I needed for the Kilimanjaro experience and the Zanzibar trip thereafter.

I honestly thought that conquering this mountain was a farfetched dream for me. I anticipated a very difficult and physically taxing journey, but I was quite surprised by how comfortable the whole experience was compared to what I thought it would be. Your crew were a huge contributor to the level of comfort that I experienced. Nelson, our chief guide, was amazing. He always made sure that we were motivated and would not allow any of us in the to give up. Lawrence, Wingod and Rastaman were also great to climb with. They kept our minds busy with their stories and the songs that they sang along the way. I truly have a lot of respect for everyone, including the porters have a very difficult job to do. I could barely carry myself up the mountain, but they had to carry all our equipment, food and tents. Those guys are really amazing.

I expected climb to be hard on my body, but it was honestly more of a mental challenge. There were times when I felt like giving up and getting off the mountain, not because I was tired, but because I was out of my comfort zone (tent life is not for me). Almost every single day on the mountain was cold and wet and I constantly had to remind myself that it was temporary. On the third night on the mountain, it was so cold that there was even ice on the inside of my tent, I convinced myself that I would be getting of that mountain in the morning. I woke up to a beautiful view of the ice capped peaked and realized that I was too close to turn back. That was a reminder to me that I should always keep the end goal in mind in everything that I do.

The final night to get up to the very top was the most challenging. Standing on Uhuru Peak made it all worthwhile. I cannot describe the feelings that I had while I was up there. It was really empowering. This journey was truly a learning experience that I will forever cherish. Thank you once again for making this possible and helping me achieve one of many goals in my life.

Kind Regards