Joanna Delaney (British) – Successful summit on 15 October 2016 7 Day Machame route

Top of kili


Hi Nikki

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for everything. We successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro 7 day Machame route (10-16th October 2016) and it was one of the best weeks of my life. The team of Climbing Kilimanjaro guides and porters were amazing.I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to climb Kili.

Nelson Ulomi our chief guide, kept everyone’s spirits high and positive, his knowledge and experience was invaluable. Wingod and Alex our other guides were also outstanding in how they looked after us and motivated us. Ziggy the chef cooked us wonderful meals three times a day, which kept us going. And Baraca – camp manager was excellent at insuring that everything at the campsite ran smoothly, he also accompanied us on the summit night with Nelson, Wingod and Alex – the dream team which insured we all made it to the top happy and safely. And finally to all the porters in our team who carried our bags, woke us up in the morning, and were always happy to help us with anything we needed.

I would like the office to know how amazing the whole team of guides and porters were, we honestly would not of made it without them.

Thank you again


Anna Hutchinson (British) – Successful summit on 15 October 2016 7 Day Machame route



Hi Nikki,

I hope you are well.

Although finishing our Kilimanjaro climb last Sunday (Machame Route 10th-16th October), I wanted to send an email to say thank you for everything. We had an amazing time and the service Climbing Kilimanjaro and yourself have provided has been excellent. We enjoyed every second of the experience and I’d like to pass on my thanks! I would recommend you to anyone in an instant.

In particular I would like to pass on thanks to Nelson Ulomi and Wingod Michael, our guides for the trip. They were absolutely outstanding in how they looked after us, motivated us and helped us throughout the climb. I would like the office to know just how brilliant they were. It goes without saying that the entire team of porters, guides, cooks, assistants etc were all wonderful, they were incredible support. If there is any way they could be thanked once again on our behalf that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again, we had an amazing time. I will remember it forever!



Alexandra Baykoucheva (Bulgaria) – Successful summit on 14 October 2016 – 6 Day Marangu route



Dear Annale,

Thank you so much for everything again! Of course I don’t mind if you share my feedback and the photo.

The Kilimanjaro expedition was more than amazing! There is no point to say how beautiful the nature up there is and how many great people we met! One thing I really want to stress though, is that we (myself, my brother and father) would have never got to the top without the amazing team! I was ready to give up every step of the way but they really believed in us and helped us through the tough moments! All of them were so nice, polite, considerate, helpful, smiley and happy all the time that there was really no way to feel bad about anything! It was difficult but we did it and we are very proud. The memory of the hard time has almost disappeared since we are already planning our return next year!

And about the safari, again there is really nothing to complain about. The service was great everywhere and our guide was so knowledgeable and a good companion that we really wanted to stay longer! And that’s why again we are planning a longer safari trip next year! :)

Ralf Holzer (Britain) – Successful summit attempt on 15 September 2016 Superior package – 7 Day Lemosho route


First of all let me say that this trip was outstanding and I am utterly satisfied and happy with the service your company provided.

I want to complement Tammy and his team. Everyone has done an outstanding job, from the cook who prepared meals well beyond what I expected, to the waiter and porters who were amazingly cheerful and friendly and always eager to help, to Tammy. The team were always quick in the mornings to get things organized once I was out of bed and as a consequence we always had perfect spots at each camp site.

Tammy has done the most outstanding job one could possibly do. He had a wealth of knowledge about vegetation along the route and was very excellent in picking up how altitude affected me (I am a physician and as such skills like that are very important). He is very very friendly, can engage in conversation and is very flexible to accommodate any special requests while maintaining a focus to get me to the summit. A perfect example was when he was flexible so I could join with the other group the first four days which was ideal as it added fun to the journey and the slower pace allowed me to more enjoy my surroundings. For the summit attempt he advised me to do alone as I would get too cold if followed their slower pace and he was right on the money.

Again, thank you for an outstanding trip


Best wishes


Laurentia Cronje (South Africa) – Successful summit on 13 August 2016 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route


Hi Nikki,

A little overdue: (a long time overdue!)

Just would like to thank the whole team for our trip.

From the get go and first emails sent to the last goodbye at the airport- all of it was done professionally and excellently.

Jackson picked me up at the airport, what a lovely gentleman. I enjoyed his trips a lot!

Then we had our adventure start with the dream team. The whole team was a delight! Saffiel has exceptional leadership skills and a good non-aggressive leading nature. The team respects him and we always felt like we were in good hands.

Steve and Rodger lead our track. We had good laughs and they were very informative.

The summit would not have happened without our amazing guide and co-guides.

We had loads of laughs along the way and I really appreciate the nature of the whole team.

Food was excellent too.

Thanks for everything and everyone involved in making this trip happen.

I speak for our whole team when I say we will recommend climbing kilimanjaro to anyone any day!

Best regards,


Adithya Anandaraman (India) – Successful summit on 10 August 2016 – 6 Day Machame route


Dear Annale

Nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for your support. It was a life changing experience of sorts climbing up the mountain.

The services were par excellence and definitely exceeded our expectations. The members of our team Harold, Omary and the porters took care of us like kin and never did we ever feel anything was missing or could have been  better. We felt like one family more than being a team or crew.

Our porters were always kind and cheerful, and in many cases went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable.

We could not have asked for better guides than Harold and Omary. They carefully assessed our pace, fatigue, health conditions etc. from time to time and provided us the necessary guidance and support. We enjoyed our trek with them all the way to the summit!

Warm Regards

Adithya Anandaraman

Avril Treasure (Australia) – Successful summit on 21 July 2016 7 Day Machame route


Hi Nikki… 

Where to begin? 

I want to thank you and your team for the most extraordinary experience of my life. My time on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the people I met, and the things that I saw I will most certainly remember forever. 

From beginning to end, Climbing Kilimanjaro were nothing but professional, friendly, motivating and organised, and on the mountain I was so happy that I happened to stumble across the best team to join! 

What a wonderful company you have- and one that I will have absolutely no hesitation to recommend to anyone in the future. 

P.S Bouncer, Adam, Nelson, Lawrence and The Choir Master were standouts- going above and beyond for everything. 

Thanks once again, 


Bernadett Fulop (USA) – Successful summit on 21 July 2016 7 Day Machame route


Dear Annale,

It was a lifetime adventure! Climbing Mount Kili was an amazing experience!

I did the Machame full moon route. The view of the summit is simply breathtaking. The guides/porters and the cook worked well together as a team. And the entire team was extremely helpful and made the trip possible and comfortable.

Not only mention my Safari adventure, it was one of the kind with a great, knowledgeable guide.

My climb and safari with Climbing Kilimanjaro was a journey of a lifetime.

Thank you!