Congratulations to Nell Gordon (Australia) for successfully reaching Uhuru Peak on 13 January 2017


Dear Annalé,

I’d love to elaborate on our personal experience with your team. I agree with Pip 100% — we had a great time from start to finish!
One of the things I appreciated the very most about this trip was Climbing Kilimanjaro’s ability to cater to my dietary requirements. I’m Vegan, which can be an incredibly difficult diet to cater for, because it excludes all animal products.
On the first day of the climb our guides spoke to me to confirm that all my meals would be suitable. And so for the entirety of the climb every single meal was not only strictly Vegan, but also better than any restaurant we visited in our entire 3 weeks in Africa! Our team’s chef is clearly an incredibly talented chef, because each day he made us the most delicious meals (and with a huge variety – pastas, stir fry, soups, omelettes, chapatis, salads, and plenty more) which were always served beautifully and in huge quantities. And when we mentioned that we particularly liked something, January was quick to make us extra servings of that particular food!
The other aspect of our climb which I am incredibly grateful for is the people. After getting to know our support team, it is obvious that Climbing Kilimanjaro prides themselves on hiring the best personalities to help tourists reach the summit.
Our guides were outstanding and were competent, patient, encouraging, kind, reliable, and very knowledgeable about Kilimanjaro and Tanzanian history and culture generally. They were always happy to answer our many, many questions, they showed an active interest in getting to know us better throughout the trip, and took great care in ensuring we were comfortable and healthy every step of the way. When we suffered symptoms of altitude sickness, they were very attentive and helped us get through it so that we could continue on to the summit. Not only this, but when I said that I would like to learn Swahili while I climbed Kilimanjaro, both our guides happily became my personal language teachers and spent the entirety of the climb teaching me Swahili! Thanks to their help, I learnt basic grammar, and many words and phrases that I was able to practice with them and our porters over the 7 days.
Lastly, both Pip and I felt incredibly lucky to have the support of such great porters on our team. Each porter played their individual roles incredibly well – the waiter served us all of our meals and collected our plates afterwards, he made us tea every morning and evening, brought us hot water for washing whenever we wanted it, and was always telling jokes and making us laugh.
The porter that carried our personal tent and the mess tent, set it up before we arrived at each camp, and was friendly, happy to chat with me, and taught me a lot of slang Swahili during the climb.
There was one porter who spoke English fantastically and was our personal translator whenever we needed him.
The other porters were also very helpful with our luggage and were always happy and smiling, helping around the camp, and helping me learn and practice my Swahili.
Lastly, we had one porter who carried our portable toilet & accompanying tent, and although we were embarrassed at first, we quickly became so grateful that he and the facility were with us! It was always set up immediately when we reached a campsite, and dismantled after we had already left, so it was always there when we needed it. I was so surprised that it was always kept clean throughout the whole trip, he did a great job.
I think this team is really special because it’s obvious that the porters and guides all really care about each other, are very supportive of each other, and actually enjoy spending time together.
On day 7 of this trip we truly felt like we were leaving friends behind, and we are so grateful to have had this experience with such a great group of people. (I have attached a photo we took after the climb so you can see for yourself) We had such an amazing time that we almost feel like we could climb Mount Kilimanjaro again, just to spend another 7 days with our team!
Thank you again, very much, for such an awesome experience.

Warmest regards,




“Hello Annalé,
I loved every minute of the holiday. Your guides and porters are absolutely wonderful. I need to make special mention of Musa, Barrack, Sanga, Lauren the waiter and David the porter. They all really went the extra mile with helpfulness and concern, to ensure all our needs were met. Super impressed with the whole team! Food was good… thanks to our cook. Th…ank you all. I would love to do this again with your company and will recommend your team to every one interested. Well done! An amazing job!
Kind regards
Patricia Louise Roux”

Patricia was part of our most popular New Years Hike, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Stephan & Tristan Schoeman, Anna Robinson, Alister Forbes, Andreas Diessbacher, Shailen Dheda and Alexandra Hamati.

Berge Naz Iliev (Turkey) – Successful summit on 1 January 2017


Dear Nikki,

We are Ivo and Berge and we successfully summited Kilimanjaro’s highest peak during the sunrise of 1st Jan 2017.

It has been busy three months since then, yet we still reminisce over the experience. We often go through the photos taken there. Many everyday situations we would equate to similar challenges that we overcame in The Mountain. It was a tough and disciplined experience, yet well worth it.

During the week of the climb we realized that The Mountain has rules and life of its own, especially during the December – January period. And who better to introduce us to that life, than the Mountain Man himself – Harold (or Eldaima, I hope that’s how his African name is spelled) and his crew.

As our hike through the Lemosho route started, we were scrolling through the wet rain forest. Harold was asking us questions, probably in an attempt to learn more about us, as we would be his responsibility for the week to come. We, being a slightly tough breed of a traveler family ourselves were also asking him questions trying to figure out more about our guide, as we’ve heard Killi is not to be taken lightly. In a short period of time Harold earned our trust. We felt lucky and safe with this man of a few words and more than a decade of experience in the Mountain.

In the days to come we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and breath taking landscapes. Our favorite place in The Mountain is Baranco Valley, probably because of its unusual extra-terrestrial like nature.  On the day we got to the camp – the weather was favorable and there was a huge rainbow passing right through the Valley.

We were waking up every day with a cup of ginger tea handed by our waiter. The crew was filling our water bladders. Every time we got to a camp our sleeping tent, eating tent, toilet tent would be set up. The organization was spotless. After a few days we took that for granted. Harold would often check on us and give us advice, considering the information that we had given him. We thought it would be best to follow his advice and instructions and that worked to our advantage.

We felt that the crew liked us and wanted us to complete the summit. There were many occasions when members of the crew went out of their way to assist us. On the night of the summit, Harold showed his compassionate and encouraging side, when my wife felt nauseous. Between the two guides, they carried my wife’s day-pack. Following the two guides’ instructions my wife managed to summit successfully. I was OK during the summit, mostly concerned about my wife. As we descended our waiter was waiting a kilometer before Barafu camp with some fruit juice and snacks. The crew congratulated us on the successful summit. My wife felt better as we descended.

What an experience!

As we descended the crew sang us more songs and we danced. The mood was more relaxed.

During the summit I observed people. I looked at their faces and would often greet them and smile. Not everyone was greeting back. Many people were feeling nauseous. Others were becoming frustrated and arrogant. Some would just turn back in the cold night. I noticed that many of the other guides of the summit night were managing their groups in a “mechanical” manner, e.g. asking one by one members of the group “Do you have your socks? Do you have your socks?…” in order to check their state of mind. I was happy again that we had a pragmatic and involved guide who was on top of the situation on the summit night. I do wander whether we would have been able to summit successfully, had we been in a big group with other people or had we been with another more “mechanical” type of guide.

We miss our crew and Harold, their toughness, calmness and strength. Hopefully, we will keep in touch via social media or one day we will see each other again.

Being a family with two kids, living in a busy city like Johannesburg with many responsibilities, we finally find the time for more hiking this April with our kids in the Magaliesburg and Drakensberg mountains. We have other friends and families joining us for hiking, from our friends group, work group and travel group, inspired by our experiences. We will proudly wear the Climbing Kilimanjaro cover on our backpack as we hike and share our story.

Thank you!

Berge and Ivo

P.S. The cook makes the most awesome cucumber soup ever!


Kunnar 1 Kunnar 2


Congratulations to Kunnar Karu, Marko Villup, Liina Kunnus, Anželika Jaanuste & Aili Ribulis for summitting Socialist Peak on Mt. Meru on 20 December 2016 – 4 day Mt. Meru hike. They have also successfully reached Uhuru Peak of Mt Kilimanjaro on 29 December 2016 – 9 Day Lemosho route hike!

“Twelve days & 4 summits in Tanzania! We had perfect weather for 12 days of climbing Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro! We are still in love with Tanzania;” advised Kunnar Karu from Estonia

Joanna Delaney (British) – Successful summit on 15 October 2016 7 Day Machame route

Top of kili


Hi Nikki

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for everything. We successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro 7 day Machame route (10-16th October 2016) and it was one of the best weeks of my life. The team of Climbing Kilimanjaro guides and porters were amazing.I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to climb Kili.

Nelson Ulomi our chief guide, kept everyone’s spirits high and positive, his knowledge and experience was invaluable. Wingod and Alex our other guides were also outstanding in how they looked after us and motivated us. Ziggy the chef cooked us wonderful meals three times a day, which kept us going. And Baraca – camp manager was excellent at insuring that everything at the campsite ran smoothly, he also accompanied us on the summit night with Nelson, Wingod and Alex – the dream team which insured we all made it to the top happy and safely. And finally to all the porters in our team who carried our bags, woke us up in the morning, and were always happy to help us with anything we needed.

I would like the office to know how amazing the whole team of guides and porters were, we honestly would not of made it without them.

Thank you again


Anna Hutchinson (British) – Successful summit on 15 October 2016 7 Day Machame route



Hi Nikki,

I hope you are well.

Although finishing our Kilimanjaro climb last Sunday (Machame Route 10th-16th October), I wanted to send an email to say thank you for everything. We had an amazing time and the service Climbing Kilimanjaro and yourself have provided has been excellent. We enjoyed every second of the experience and I’d like to pass on my thanks! I would recommend you to anyone in an instant.

In particular I would like to pass on thanks to Nelson Ulomi and Wingod Michael, our guides for the trip. They were absolutely outstanding in how they looked after us, motivated us and helped us throughout the climb. I would like the office to know just how brilliant they were. It goes without saying that the entire team of porters, guides, cooks, assistants etc were all wonderful, they were incredible support. If there is any way they could be thanked once again on our behalf that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again, we had an amazing time. I will remember it forever!



Alexandra Baykoucheva (Bulgaria) – Successful summit on 14 October 2016 – 6 Day Marangu route



Dear Annale,

Thank you so much for everything again! Of course I don’t mind if you share my feedback and the photo.

The Kilimanjaro expedition was more than amazing! There is no point to say how beautiful the nature up there is and how many great people we met! One thing I really want to stress though, is that we (myself, my brother and father) would have never got to the top without the amazing team! I was ready to give up every step of the way but they really believed in us and helped us through the tough moments! All of them were so nice, polite, considerate, helpful, smiley and happy all the time that there was really no way to feel bad about anything! It was difficult but we did it and we are very proud. The memory of the hard time has almost disappeared since we are already planning our return next year!

And about the safari, again there is really nothing to complain about. The service was great everywhere and our guide was so knowledgeable and a good companion that we really wanted to stay longer! And that’s why again we are planning a longer safari trip next year! :)

Ralf Holzer (Britain) – Successful summit attempt on 15 September 2016 Superior package – 7 Day Lemosho route


First of all let me say that this trip was outstanding and I am utterly satisfied and happy with the service your company provided.

I want to complement Tammy and his team. Everyone has done an outstanding job, from the cook who prepared meals well beyond what I expected, to the waiter and porters who were amazingly cheerful and friendly and always eager to help, to Tammy. The team were always quick in the mornings to get things organized once I was out of bed and as a consequence we always had perfect spots at each camp site.

Tammy has done the most outstanding job one could possibly do. He had a wealth of knowledge about vegetation along the route and was very excellent in picking up how altitude affected me (I am a physician and as such skills like that are very important). He is very very friendly, can engage in conversation and is very flexible to accommodate any special requests while maintaining a focus to get me to the summit. A perfect example was when he was flexible so I could join with the other group the first four days which was ideal as it added fun to the journey and the slower pace allowed me to more enjoy my surroundings. For the summit attempt he advised me to do alone as I would get too cold if followed their slower pace and he was right on the money.

Again, thank you for an outstanding trip


Best wishes