Bud Jackson (USA)  – Successful summit attempt on 30 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route






It was a spectacular trip from start to finish.  Very professional from the beginning (with you) and registration thru pick-up and drop offs at airport, hotel, and especially the climb itself.  Aaron and James (Guides) and the whole crew never faltered in supporting us thru the climb and successful summit.  It is indeed spectacular views from the top for sure, but also along the way.  It is a worthwhile adventure and you meet many adventurous souls along the way.   I recommend the trip for everyone.  Sincerely – Thank You for that.



Bud Jackson

Steffanie Altman (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 22 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route


My hike up Kilimanjaro was one of my favourite experiences of my life. Every moment of it was incredible. It was physically a fantastic workout and it was a chance to be immersed in nature and separated from the rest of the world. I was very happy to not have cell service or Internet access for the entire climb. I spent a lot of time taking in my surroundings, speaking with my guides and co-hiker, and just thinking. We rarely get so much time to our own thoughts and ourselves.

Freddy and Bariki were incredible guides, and I would recommend them to anyone I know! I truly felt that so long as our health was no in danger, they would do whatever it took to get us to the top. Freddy checked our health every morning and every night, and made sure we were drinking enough water and eating enough calories. They went above and beyond their guide duties to ensure we were having a great time.

They were also very flexible and understanding that my climbing mate and I did not know each other prior and did not know we were not in the same climbing shape. They were incredibly accommodating to both of us, to ensure we felt good and that we got the experience we hoped for.

They allowed me to push myself to a pace that I was enjoying but kept me back just enough to ensure I would be safe.

Every morning we were woken up with fresh hot ginger tea. It was the perfect wake up in the freezing temperatures. After we got ready for the day we’d enjoy a delicious, hot breakfast! We had porridge, toast, omelet, avocado, cheese, and fruit. It was gourmet meals on a mountain!!

When we would arrive to camp everything was already set up by our porters. Our chef always prepared hot water for washing and either lunch or an afternoon snack if it was between meals.

They took incredible care of us. I never doubted if I would get to the top with this crew. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in climbing Kilimanjaro! If they are in basic athletic shape and go with Freddy, they’ll not only get to the top of Uhuru peak, they’ll smile the entire way!!

Anna Grau Calvó (Spain) – Successful summit attempt on 11 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route



Hi Annalé!


Just arrived to Andorra safe and sound.


My experience in Kilimanjaro was amazing and succesful as well!!! It’s been one of the best experiences in my life, and reaching uhuru peak was exciting! Thanks to Safiel and the dream team! They were very kind and friendly. Everything worked perfectly, your mails, your dedication, the transfers, the trek, the food (yummy!!!), and obviously the team! 


Thanks all of you for everything!!!



Errol Seaman (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 – Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Errol Seaman (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 - Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Dear Annale,

Where to begin……

This was truly the most gruelling, physically exhausting and challenging experience of my life thus far…but having said that, definitely one of the, if not the most enjoyable and exiting journeys I have done.

I can only thank you personally for your excellent support in providing the material and emails promptly and clearly in allowing us to be mentally ready for this journey.

In addition to this I have utmost respect and appreciation for the following:
Head guide: Nelson – a true person with a heart of gold, an awesome sense of humour and the ability to encourage, lead and support his team and the guests as best as anyone would be able to – I salute him!!!
Assistant Guide: Robert – Although still learning, I believe he has all the tools and ability to be a great head guide one day – keep shuffling!!
Chief cook (stomach engineer): Ziggy – his food was always tasty, nutritious and enjoyable – a great cook with a great sense of humour!!
Waiter: Adam – always smiling, always helping and always available – he will make a great chef one day!
Bouncer: although he doesn’t talk much – he is always smiling and a true soldier in the team
Choir Master: Goodwin – what can I say, except that he kept the songs going (Jambo, Jambo Bwana…), he kept the laughter and spirits high (especially on summit night and our final ceremony) and I especially enjoyed his imitation of a rooster crowing – excellent!! – Oh – and he was by mine and Zack’s side each step of the way, along with Nelson, during summit night – I think without them we may not have made it!!!

The porters: Unfortunately I did not get to know them by name, but I have 150% respect and admiration for them – their absolutely hard work, mixed with smiles and laughter and continuous happiness – Mambo – Poa – I salute them too!!!!

All in all it was an absolutely amazing experience, and although I will not repeat it (that box has now been ticked), I will definitely recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro to anyone know who is planning to summit Mt Kilimanjaro in the future.

So, in closing, a huge congratulations to you and your team, from start to finish – everyone provided a service way beyond our expectations – Thank you!!

I have enclosed a few photos which you may gladly post onto your website as you wish.

Best regards,
Errol Seaman

Jonathan Mills (British) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Jonathan Mills (British) – Successful summit attempt on 8 August 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Truly excellent trip. We all got to the top and we felt we nailed it!

I will post a review on trip advisor.

Nelson and his team on Kilimanjaro were nothing short of brilliant. Nelson and I had a lot of chats about this and that over the week. When I was slightly embarrassed by the level of pampering that we were getting, as I’m far more used to roughing it when mountaineering, he said that he viewed us as “the bosses” on the trip. I said I’d be much more comfortable if he tried to think of us as grateful clients rather than as selfish tourists who were liable to turn round and complain at any moment!

They were tireless in trying to make us as comfy as possible, and to me it felt like climbing with friends. Nelson was excellent in the way he exercised quiet authority to keep every thing running smoothly. He noticed everything and his team ran like clockwork without any need for raised voices. Everyone knew their job. I really liked the way he expected hard work from the team, but also looked out for anyone who needed support. On a couple of days I noticed he was carrying extra stuff himself and asked him about it. He said it was a hard day for the porters and so he’d taken some items for them. He used to be a porter “back in the day” so he knew what it was like.

Ziggy the cook, Adam (ziggy’s understudy) and “choirmaster” (who was Mr motivator) were stand-outs in an exceptional team. I don’t know if you pay bonuses for good performance but they all deserve one.

On the summit day, with three 15 y old boys in our group of six, Nelson was obviously quietly concerned that they might struggle. They didn’t, but if they had, it was reassuring to see that he had plenty of manpower to hand to help. There were four strong and reliable Tanzanians with us (Nelson, Robert, Choirmaster, and “Bouncer” who was seriously strong with hands like spades!)

I under-estimated how cold it would be on top, and that was even with a lot of luck with the weather which was very calm and no wind. I’d climbed mt Kenya a few years ago and reckoned it would be something similar. Wrong! I’m an experienced mountaineer (Matterhorn, and twenty other big ones in the Alps) but I nearly came a cropper on kili over gloves. With hind sight I wish I’d taken ski mitts (not gloves) for the top, to keep fingers warm. Pocket hand warmers, just for the summit day would be a good idea. And down jackets are a must.

The safari was also excellent with Meeshka. Manyara, then Ngorogoro, then Tangangire. We saw loads and Meeshka was a really nice chap. Knowledgable and friendly. The accommodation on the safari and also at outpost lodge in Arusha was great – the camp at the shore of lake Manyara before the last day in Tangangire was extraordinary- animals wandering by and a walk down on the salt flats.

The transfers to and from Nairobi worked very well. We were we’ll looked after.

And finally I must say you yourself provided a really excellent communication services. You answered questions promptly, clearly and thoroughly. Ian and I were very impressed.

So, great trip. Thanks very much to you, your company and all your staff and employees. We’d be delighted if you want to use us as very, very satisfied customers.

Jon Mills (47) and Pierre Mills (15)

Vijay Kumar & Tow Nyee Khoo (India & Singapore) – Successful summit attempt on 7 August 2015. Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Vijay Kumar & Tow Nyee Khoo (India & Singapore) – Successful summit attempt on 7 August 2015. Superior package – 7 Day Machame route

Dear Nikki,

Thanks for all the arrangements. Our Group Successfully made to summit on 7-Aug . We had a great groups of Guide – Freedy and his Team. They took well care of us. Under his guidance we all enjoyed our trip and had great memorable moments.

I wish Climbing Kilimanjaro Team a great success and wish all the best for all those upcoming trips. You guys are doing you job at the best service. Thanks again for a adventures trip.


Vijay Kumar

Orestis Ventouras (South Africa) – Successful Western Breach summit attempt on 7 Aug 2015 – Superior package – 8 Day Machame route & overnight at Crater camp

Orestis Ventouras (South Africa) – Successful Western Breach summit attempt on 7 Aug 2015 - Superior package – 8 Day Machame route & overnight at Crater camp

Hi Nikki

Sorry for the delay in response

What can i say other than absolutely awesome and amazing!

From the moment i was met at the airport i felt the warm welcome. Manasseh was very thorough in explaining each days process etc.

Aaron my guide was wonderful, answered all my questions and was always there when i needed something

I Take my hat off to Sandala my cook and to Charlis my porter/waiter. What wonderful guys. With the little and broken English they speak we managed to get by and even spoke about their family

Was amazed at the quality and quantity of the food prepared each day in the kitchen tent. Im not a soup person but ate most of the soup each night. Was that good

each day’s hike had something new to offer and the views were spectacular. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Lava Tower, Arrow Glacier and Crater Camp.

Crater Camp was like nothing i have ever experienced and felt as i was on the moon. No one else but myself the guide, cook and a porter. Might as well have been the last person on earth.

Managed to explore the area and was just in awe. Had a heavy head and a terrible headache but pushed myself and was well worth it. If i had a bit more energy and oxygen i would have gone down to the ash pit but was not able to. The view of the ash pit and glaciers will remain in my memories for a life time.

And then there was the summit, frozen toes and out of breath, we pushed on early in the morning. An hour later from our start that morning and what a sight

Have attached some pics of the trip

Absolutely amazing adventure. Will be in contact with you next year as i am planning on climbing Kili again with some friends.

once again, thank you for arranging a wonderful and memorable adventure



Walter Boos (USA) – Successful summit attempt on 31 July 2015 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route



Hello Nikki – since getting home I’ve been intending to send you a note, so your request is timely.

Starting off I would say categorically and unequivocally that our experience with you and your team was absolutely top notch.
I would recommend you in a heartbeat. You made our once in a lifetime family trip something we will cherish forever.
Some, but not all of the accolades:

  • You have great information, and you’re always responsive to the questions coming at you. I must have asked you 50 questions
    over the course of several months and you always answered immediately and graciously.
    • I asked you for references and you provided 4-5 pages of names, with email addresses. I sent about 30 emails to those on the list
    who likely spoke English as their native tongue (UK, Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand). I believe I got 28 replies and
    they all spoke glowingly about their experience, and the quality of their guides.
    • Your prices were more than competitive with other guide services.
    • Our head guide (Freddie) was exceptional. His objective was clearly to get every one of us (5 in all) up the mountain – and he succeeded.
    I had great confidence in his experience and knowledge.
    • Our safari guide (Abeli) was also exceptional. A great combination of friendly and knowledgeable.
    • In planning for a family trip of this magnitude there is so much I didn’t know. It was important that I find someone I could trust,
    who knew what they’re talking about. You were that person.

I would be honored to speak with anyone at any time about you, your business, your responsiveness, and my family’s experience with the climb
and safari.

Please let me know if I can be helpful to you in any way, as you had a lot to do with my family’s memorable experience. Best to you —

Walter (Wally) Boos