Alexandra Baykoucheva (Bulgaria) – Successful summit on 14 October 2016 – 6 Day Marangu route



Dear Annale,

Thank you so much for everything again! Of course I don’t mind if you share my feedback and the photo.

The Kilimanjaro expedition was more than amazing! There is no point to say how beautiful the nature up there is and how many great people we met! One thing I really want to stress though, is that we (myself, my brother and father) would have never got to the top without the amazing team! I was ready to give up every step of the way but they really believed in us and helped us through the tough moments! All of them were so nice, polite, considerate, helpful, smiley and happy all the time that there was really no way to feel bad about anything! It was difficult but we did it and we are very proud. The memory of the hard time has almost disappeared since we are already planning our return next year!

And about the safari, again there is really nothing to complain about. The service was great everywhere and our guide was so knowledgeable and a good companion that we really wanted to stay longer! And that’s why again we are planning a longer safari trip next year! :)