Alexander Sibbald (Australia) – Successful summit on 8 January 2016 – Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route



Hi Nikki


I have got only positive things to say about the trip through this fantastic company. From the outset of my interactions with Climbing Kilimanjaro (including with yourself in the very early stages), responses were always prompt, informative, and comprehensive. It made the decision to accept the marginally larger costs (in comparison to some blatantly inferior tour companies) a no-brainer, as my mind was put at ease through all stages of the planning process.


This did not change when I arrived in Tanzania, which would have otherwise been an intimidating transition for a young Aussie’s first foray into solo travel, if not for the professionalism of Climbing Kilimanjaro. I appreciated the enthusiasm of the driver of my airport shuttle, even after 48 hours of minimal sleep!


The accommodation organised by Climbing Kilimanjaro not only met all expectations, but exceeded them, which is consistent with the entirety of the trip. The staff of the hotel San Salinero, while not employees of Climbing Kilimanjaro, represented the values of respect, service and friendship across cultures that Climbing Kilimanjaro espouses with professional aplomb.


And then came the hike itself. What an experience! From the get-go, with the experience and knowledge of Harold, Rama, Alan and Davis, it became apparent that all 5 in our group would summit Kilimanjaro, and sure enough we all did. For those who love the outdoors and scenic views, Kilimanjaro has them in spades. For those who love genuine cultural experiences and meeting people from different walks of life (potentially even from your own backyard), Kilimanjaro can provide. And even those who like delicious food (every night delivered incredible soup!) or reggae music, you should consider Climbing Kilimanjaro.


The experience on the whole was a life-changing, view-altering undertaking, which I’ll never regret doing for a single second. I will always attribute the achievement of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro to my own personal and mental strength, but the deeper memories of Kilimanjaro, and the friendships I made would not sit with me today had I not chosen to climb with Climbing Kilimanjaro.


I recommend anybody of moderate fitness to consider climbing this beautiful mountain with Climbing Kilimanjaro.


Best wishes (and I hope to join you again soon!)