Adri Dreyer (South Africa) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 – Superior package – 7 day Machame route



We were booked for the Machame route from 18-24 February 2016. Initially we were only 2 friends booked for this period, but on short notice 5 other people joined, so we started as strangers, but left as friends. From the start David, our chief guide, took the lead in a way that immediately made us feel comfortable and safe and this set the trend for the whole period. David and his crew set our comfort and safety as their main priority… besides getting us all on the roof of Africa! What stood out was the respectful way in which David interacted with his crew and the result was visible in the loyalty they have shown towards him.

I was the slowest of the whole group, but David NEVER made me feel uncomfortable about it. In fact, without knowing this, he created a new ‘mantra’ for me by constantly saying; “Adri, you are not sick, just tired”…and those words helped me to summit! It was so amazing how that one sentence could help my mind to push my body beyond its natural limits!

The whole crew was just so fantastic. They put “Hakuna matata” into practice. Nothing was too much for them. On every request they would say “No problem” and would then go out of their way to assist. On the day before summit one of our team members, Steve, turned 60. Some of the crew went all the way to Moshi and back to Barafu camp to present Steve with…a birthday cake!!!

David, you and your team are amazing!!! I might forget how awesome it was to be able to summit, but I will NEVER forget the way you and your team went out of your way to accommodate all of our diverse needs. You created a ‘home’ to us which made us feel home away from home! May you all be blessed in abundance.

Nikki, to you and your team in Pretoria, a huge thumbs up for your professional service as our preferred agent. The urgency with which you answered our questions and the timely provision of related info prepared us with what we needed for a ‘kick start’. We will wholeheartedly promote you as service provider to whoever would like to take the challenge to visit the roof of Africa!